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My mentor [Kash] has proved something of an inspiration. We have little in common in terms of sector experience and the skill-sets on which we built our respective careers, however, I hold huge value in our discussions and debates. He has given me confidence to pursue initiatives which, had I not had such a mentor, I would have delayed and probably not pursued the strategies. He has absolutely saved us time and money and helps our business stay focused. This support is invaluable.

Lamia Walker, MD, HouseSitMatch

I had the chance to work with Kash as Consultant to lead the B2B business.  Kash is not only creative; he possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate his ideas and their associated benefit effectively, which, in our case, resulted in full improvement of our results.  Simply, he gets results.

Abdulrahman AlMahmoud, Executive Director, Large Enterprise and Key Accounts, Mobily (Etisalat)

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