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An honest assessment and a practical plan in days...not months...and now we're full steam ahead!

Malcolm Vaughan, CEO Oxford Vaughan

Business Strategy

What are your Business Goals?

What are your Business Plans?

What is your USP?

What is your Financial Strategy?

What are your Customer Strategies?

Sales Strategy

Who are your Customers?

How do you sell to them?

What is your USP?

Who are your competitors?

How do you increase your margins?

Marketing Strategy

What is your Customer Profile?

How do  Customers find you?

How do you advertise?

Who are your Partners?

How do you create your market?

We ask a LOT of questions to understand what you do, what you want and where you want to go with it...

...then we work with you to create YOUR plan for YOUR company...

     It's not about what you sell or the services you's how you do it that matters. 


We have "know-how" too, whether it's mobile phones, baked beans or landscaping services.  We know the questions to ask to get the answers you need...

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