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Roy is a Senior Consultant with a speciality in Integration and Carve Out with an excellent track record of leading multi-discipline teams to deliver complex change programmes.  Roy has extensive experience in Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and IT and specializes in M&A and Post Merger Integration (PMI) delivery. 


Roy has developed the 100-day PMI Framework to allow M&A deals to start delivering on their primary objectives withinj 100 days… often forgotten once merger terms and conditions have been agreed, even in large deals. 


Roy also has broad experience of the complete M&A lifecycle from business case development and board approval, through to final transaction completion and PMI.

"My background is Oil & Gas and I have tended to work with smaller business units within the larger Corporations.  I find great pleasure in building and bringing teams together... motivation leads to better results and a team that is clear on their combined goals and objectives are more likely to succeed...and faster.

Working with Blade gives me the opportunity to work free of any shackles I tend to associate with larger Consulting firms.  Our combined goal and objectives are to deliver practical and workable plans.  Whether you're a small, medium or large company, resources are restricted to what you have available either as a money, time or we don't overstretch you. We won't put in people you don't need to increase our revenues.  We are client-side and we look after your needs first and foremost.  That's why we get re-hired as often as we do!

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