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Kash started Blade Corporate Management to energise SME Businesses.    


"About 5 years ago, I discovered that, globally, SMEs make up 90%+ of all registered companies and provide 60%+ of global revenues.  They have, traditionally, been under-served by top Consultants, possibly because the top firms don't think they're important enough. 


I do... and I felt the call to do what I can to share my expertise and give more of them a chance to succeed and grow.  I also understand the pressure you face when you run your own business (I've been there!) and I know it is sometimes challenging to find someone unbiased to talk to.  This is why Business Counselling one of the core services we offer because simply talking about those challenges can allow new energy to come in...

I have been a Consultant to many companies across different verticals dealing with Technology, Financial Services, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Aviation and Hospitality.  I have also dealt with a diverse range of SME businesses from Electric Cycles to Baby Teething products…and always with a leaning towards business and sales strategy or finding innovative ways to design and delivering a business plan and making it work. 

It doesn’t matter how big your company is…I always start by asking questions to understand the business and what the main drivers for the business are…and then finding the right resources to get the job done, internally and/or externally, to deliver the objectives without drama and with minimal cost.  The first few cases early in my Consulting career certainly gave me opportunities to deal with the drama aspects! 


Through time, trials and error, I learned how to deal with those challenges and obstacles by either moving them, breaking through them or working around them.   I gained a reputation of “getting things done”, finding solutions and saying “No” when the situation required it.  It can sometimes be a challenge to say “No” to the client and it can also be a very powerful way to demonstrate those core ethical values of honesty and integrity…


I have successfully run my own companies in the UK, the US and the Middle East and have worked with and alongside all of the Big 4 Consulting and Accounting firms. I have often collaborated with them or lead/advised them to ensure that projects are delivered to meet the client’s goals and objectives.  I have worked as part of McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bain and Oliver Wyman teams and been an adviser to KPMG, Deloitte’s, EY and PwC and have always kept the client’s interest at heart and the material focus of the programme or project.

My most recent projects for larger Corporations have been in the Telecoms and Technology sectors for companies such as Vodafone, Ooredoo, Mobily, Etisalat and Virgin Mobile as well as Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco.  I designed, negotiated and delivered the Government deals for Qatar with both Oracle and Cisco to help develop the technical education of the indigenous population and also to promote the “Knowledge Economy” of several Nation States.


However, it is my work with SMEs that I am really passionate about.  Delivering a practical plan that allows a company to flourish and to build trust with the owner/manager such that they can call me to discuss, well, whatever they want to discuss…that, to me, is a sign of success.


In over 20 years of running a business, I have always had repeat business from my clients, mostly because I don’t embellish or over-staff and I certainly do more listening than talking! 


Working with and meeting new clients is always great privilege.  I like interacting with my clients and building rapport with everyone involved in the organisation.  I like to understand the big picture before I apply thought to the solution and I like to give the client more than they have asked for.  I under-promise and over-deliver. I do the work and then stand by the quality of that work so that the client wants to use my services again.


And I really like working with the team at Blade…because they all think and act in the same way as I do."

I had the chance to work with Kash as consultant to lead the B2B business. Kash is not only creative; he possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate his ideas and their associated benefits effectively, which in our case resulted in full improvement of our results. Simply, he gets results.

Abdulrahman AlMahmoud, Executive Director, Large Enterprise and Key Accounts, Mobily.

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